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Veteran Caregiver Program.

In 3 easy steps.

Have you ever heard of the Veteran Caregiver Program? There are FREE veteran caregiver program services available for you, and by reading this article, I will equip you with the tools and things you need to know to get these benefits, because I know how difficult and confusing this process can be; I want to make this simple for you.

If you search for programs on Google, no doubt there will be many confusing results; which will lead to hours of frustration and confusion. It should be noted, the actual program you should be searching for is, Community Care through the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).


Veteran Caregiver Program
US Armed Forces veterans learn what veteran caregiver programs are available to them.


3 easy steps to FREE Veteran Caregiver Program services

Step 1:  Enroll in the VA Benefits system

Firstly, every VA benefit will require you to have an account with the VA. Set up your account today at:

In addition to this, if you served in the United States Armed Forces (Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps), you are entitled to VA benefits.

Step 2: Make appointment with VA Primary Care Provider

Secondly, request an appointment with a VA primary care provider through your online account or by calling (877) 222-8387. You are now one step closer to FREE services.

Step 3: Tell your Primary Physician which Caregiving Agency you want to service you

Lastly, You will have the option to choose which an agency service provider. Ensure that you choose a licensed, insured agency that provides quality care.

If you are a loved one is in need of services in Nevada, let Heroes Caregiving be your #1 choice for care. Undoubtedly, Heroes Caregiving Nevada’s one and only veteran owned and operated Personal Care Agency. We would love to service you and your loved one; undoubtedly using same amount of pride we served our country. Let DARA be your choice for personal care. Give us a call today at 800-481-0465.

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About the author 

Christopher Pascoe

Christopher Pascoe is a Co-Founder of Dara Health, LLC. He previously served as the Administrator Designee and Managing Partner for Heroes Caregiving, a contracted provider with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Christopher is a proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard.

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