Transitional Care in Las Vegas

What is Transitional Care?

When your loved one is discharged from the hospital in Las Vegas, it's our job at Heroes Caregiving to ensure they return home safely with a proper care plan. During this time of returning home, our compassionate caregivers in Las Vegas help with readjusting to the activities of daily living. Heroes Caregiving will help with the transition from the hospital to your loved ones home. 

Our Transitional Care Services in Las Vegas Include:

Our Transitional Care services includes our custom Personal Home Care Service, with a customized care plan to ensure your loved on receives optimal care and the best path to recovery. 


Heroes Caregiving assesses each patient's needs. Our team of experts then create a care plan that is specific to you or your loved ones personal care needs. Our care plans are designed with the patient's and family's input.  Heroes Caregiving understand the importance of staying informed and open communication. Our caregivers will provide you with constant updates on the condition of your loved ones, so you never feel "left out."

Accessible Flexible Transportation

Doctors appointments, physical therapy, and dental appointments are imperative to a speedy recovery. Heroes Caregiving provides transportation services to these appointments, as well as grocery shopping, prescription pickup and drop-off, beauty salon, gym, special events, dry cleaning and church services. Transportation assistance is available to all patients receiving home care assistance in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City. 

Medication Reminders and Prescription Pickup

Improper use of medication can slow down recovery, or even affect it. Heroes Caregiving will remind your loved one to take their medications at the designated time set forth by medical professionals. Heroes Caregiving can also pick up medication when needed. 

Grocery Shopping and Meal Preparation

Nutrition is an important factor for complete recovery. Heroes Caregiving will help with your grocery shopping and will also assist with preparing meals as desired by your loved ones.