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3 Things to Do for Free in Las Vegas: Seniors

Are you a senior living in Las Vegas and looking for free things to do? Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the free things to do in Las Vegas as a senior have changed. Before, most seniors  would enjoy a day out at the casino and possibly a nice dinner at the buffet. That has all significantly changed after COVID-19, with most buffets closing down. At Heroes Caregiving, we will provide our seniors in Las Vegas with personal care services you can rely on. Whether you want a companionship partner for the day or you need transportation to and from your planned social activities, our caregivers are ready to provide you with reliable personal care.

In this article, we will highlight the top #3 things to do for free in Las Vegas if you are a senior.

1. Explore the Hoover Dam for Free

Hoover Dam for Free in Las Vegas

Image Source: Things to Do in Las Vegas for Free

One of the most iconic landmarks to explore in Las Vegas is the Hoover Dam, and it’s free, for the most part. If you want to get out and enjoy a nice drive and explore Las Vegas’ water source, the Hoover Dam is a great place to visit. Our caregivers will accompany you on your journey to the Hoover Dam, creating endless memories with you.

The Hoover Dam does offer guided tours, however these tours are not free, and will come a low cost to each person participating. However, if you want a simple drive through the Hoover Dam to escape the “hustle and bustle” of the city, feel free to contact our staff today and hire a caregiver to join you!


2. Explore Red Rock Canyon for Free

Red Rock Canyon for Free in Las Vegas

Image Source: Things to Do in Las Vegas for Free

Another fantastic get-a-way is to drive the  Red Rock Canyon Road, which is only a 20 minute drive the Las Vegas Strip and is free. Red Rock Canyon is known for its’ scenic 13-mile drive and 26 hikes and trails. You can still enjoy this beautiful scenery for free by traveling down Red Rock Canyon Road.

If you travel to Red Rock Canyon from the South, you will pass a small quant town on your left side, known as Blue Diamond. However, if you aren’t paying attention to the signs, it is quite easy to miss. As you continue to travel north on Red Rock Canyon, you will see the entrance to the Red Rock Scenic Drive. In order to access this area, you will have to pay a small fee to gain entry. Once inside, you will be in awe of the beautiful nature Southern Nevada truly has to offer.

Taking this drive might seem like a “task”, and that is why our caregivers are there to assist you. If you would like to get out for the day and explore the Red Rock Canyon, call us today and allow our caregivers to provide you with transportation and companionship. Now that we have explored the free beautiful nature Las Vegas has to offer, let’s take a look at the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

3. Explore the Las Vegas Strip for Free

Bellagio Fountains for Free in Las Vegas

Image Source: Things to Do in Las Vegas for Free

As a native Nevadan, being born and raised in Las Vegas, I tend to take the Las Vegas Strip for granted. However, when I stop and think about the free attractions the strip has to offer, I am reminded how blessed we truly are. The Las Vegas Strip still offers free shows and can be enjoyed by seniors, as they are easily accessible by wheelchair and ramps. If this sounds exciting, keep reading and you’ll learn the true cost for this amazing attraction.

The Fountains of Bellagio is in the center of all the action.  The show hosts a wide variety of classic songs, brining a whole new meaning to the word “art.” The Fountains of Bellagio is easily accessible and times vary depending on the time of year. The best part about this attraction, it’s FREE. There is never a charge to enjoy the beautiful displays of art and fountains.

If you would like to enjoy this beautiful attraction and escape for a few hours during the evening, our caregivers will be more than happy to accompany you. Give us a call today for FREE consultation and gain your independence back!


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About the author 

Sean Pascoe

Sean Pascoe is a Co-Founder of Dara Health, LLC. Sean is a co-founder of Heroes Caregiving and served as the Administrator and CEO. Heroes Caregiving is Southern Nevada's first and only veteran founded and veteran owned homecare agency. Heroes Caregiving serves the community as a contracted provider with the Department of Veteran Affairs, TriWest Healthcare Alliance. Sean is a proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard.

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  1. Sean,

    Thank you for providing this wonderful information. It is amazing to see all of the wonderful things you can do in the Las Vegas area. So often people think there is only the Las Vegas Strip and gambling in Las Vegas! Haha So great to see all of the other beautiful sites and offerings the State of Nevada has. I have been nothing but impressed with your agency and staff. Thank you for everything you guys do! Being in New York, your agency has put our family at ease. Thanks again!


    1. Antonio,

      Thank you for taking the time to read this article posted by Sean and recognizing our agency for its services it provides to the Southern Nevada region. It is quite funny what people’s perception of the Las Vegas area is. There is so much more than just gambling, casinos, alcohol, strip clubs, and all of the other vices, Vegas prides itself on. There are many sites to see around the Valley and so much do to do in the outdoors. There are also many activities for the retired community, which makes Southern Nevada a great option for those looking to relax in the sun in the later years.

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