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What is Respite Care and How Does it Work? 

Respite care is temporary care that shifts the responsibilities of a primary caregiver to another caregiver to provide the primary caregiver with a break from their responsibilities. 

The Benefits of Respite Care

Usually a family member is the primary caregiver, but there will come a time when extra help is needed and that's where Heroes Caregiving strides. We help the primary caregiver take a well-deserved break, and this usually leads to: 

  • stress relief 
  • fatigue relief 
  • better mental health
When Should A Family Primary Caregiver Take a Break

The primary caregiver plays an important and challenging role in making sure that every need is taken care of, and sometimes it is easy to forget about his or her own needs. Fatigue, physical exhaustion, and anxiety are all signs that you need to take a well-deserved break.

The primary caregiver's health needs to be in top health both physically and mentally in order to provide the best care, at Heroes Caregiving we provide the primary caregiver the extra help needed to recover.

Our Respite Care Services Include

Our respite care services include everything that we offer in our Personal Home Care and Transitional Care services, in summary:

  • Caregivers with specialized training 
  • Cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing, and shopping are all assisted
  • Care notification and report 
  • Bathing, dressing, and grooming
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal prep and shopping assistance
  • Patient discharge monitoring 
  • Travel to and from appointments or events 


What services do you provide?

We provide personal care services to senior citizens, adult disabled persons, and veterans. Note:  We do NOT service individuals under the age of 18 years old. 

What are personal care services? 

Our Personal Care Attendants (also known as caregivers) are able to assist with Activities of  Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). ADLs are everyday  tasks (basic activities) an individual will perform throughout their day, for example: taking a bath  or shower, walking to and from places, using the restroom, and getting dressed for the day.  IADLs build upon the basic tasks an individual will perform throughout their day for  example:cooking and preparing meals, house cleaning and organization, clothing and bedding  laundry, and transportation and errands.*  

*If you are a veteran and your services are covered by the Department of Veteran Affairs, our  Personal Care attendants are NOT able to provide transportation.  

Unfortunately, for the safety of clients and our Personal Care Attendants, we CANNOT be  responsible for heavy lifting. If you have a Hoyer lift or other form of transfer assistance, please  discuss with our staff.  

What areas of Nevada do you service? 

We service individuals in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City area. We look to employ Personal Care Attendants in the areas listed.

How do I or my loved one(s) pay for services? Do you accept insurance or other forms of reimbursement?

Currently, our clients pay for services privately (out-of-pocket) or have services covered by the H/ HHA program through the Department of Veteran Affairs.* Some clients have the ability to receive partial reimbursement of services through their personal insurance; however, we are not responsible for managing this reimbursement.
*Are you a veteran? You may be eligible for our services at no cost to you!

Step 1: Enrollment in VA Health Care Benefits
Most veterans who served in the active military, naval, or air service and did not receive a dishonorable discharge qualify for the VA's standard medical benefits package. Not signed up for VA health care but believe you are eligible for coverage? Apply online at, by phone at 877-222-8387, or by submitting an application for health benefits form by mail or in person at a VA medical center or clinic.

Step 2: Eligibility for Community Care Services
Any veteran who is signed up for VA health care and is seeking homemaker or home health aide services qualifies for community care, since the VA does not offer these services directly.

Step 3: Clinical Eligibility for H/ HHA Services
A veteran must demonstrate a clinical need for H/ HHA services. Assessments are conducted by a VA primary care provider or a geriatrics care team. If vou have met Steps 1 and 2, contact a VA primary care provider today and see if you qualify. If you do, ask for services from Heroes Caregiving! 

Why don’t you accept Medicaid and or/ Medicare? 

In order to retain qualified and compassionate individuals, we pay our Personal Care Attendants the highest rate in the home-care industry! Unfortunately, Medicaid and/ or Medicare does not pay enough to cover our PCA’s wages. However, our staff will try to assist you in the best way possible and will consider financial hardship on a case-by case basis.

What are your rates? Do you have minimum requirements?

Our rates are based off the amount of time that is needed, and are discussed in the initial consultation. We require a 4 hour minimum/ week. 4 hours can be 2 hours/ day for 2 days/ week OR 4 hours in one day. All scheduled service hours must be at least two hours in length. Additionally, we offer respite care with at least 72-hours notice, providing that we have PCA availability. Respite care, like all other scheduled services, must be at least two hours in length. 

What is respite care? 

Respite care is for those needing a short break from the daily demands of providing care. Whether you need to run a quick errand, go grocery shopping, or simply want to watch a movie without interruption, we are here to help. Respite care is very flexible and there are no long term contracts required. 

Do you have a care plan? How does the Personal Care Attendant know what I or my loved one(s) need?

We want our senior, disabled, and veteran communities to feel serviced and empowered! This is why we personalize every client’s care plan to suit their individual and familial needs. We also understand that no two days are alike; therefore, our all-in-one software program allows us to update, change, and monitor your care plan. Additionally, you or your loved ones can have easy
access to the platform (if requested), ensuring seamless communication between you and our whole staff.

What kind of individuals are your Personal Care Attendants? Are they trained?

Our PCAs are qualified and compassionate individuals! We look for seasoned PCAs; however, we also employ individuals who have excellent communicate skills and compassion for others; and especially those who are looking to step into the medical field and whom are pursuing school. All our PCAs are required to: have a valid PCA certification in the State of Nevada, including training on Elder Abuse and Awareness; have a valid CPR/ AED/ First Aid certification; have satisfactory results of a background and reference check; and have satisfactory results of a physical exam and TB test.

Do you require a deposit? Do you have a contract or service agreement? 

We do not require or ask for a deposit to start services with us. Most clients find that we have the most flexible and accommodating service agreement in the industry. All agreements are discussed during and/or after the initial consultation, if you are to choose us as your personal care provider. We also have a very easy and efficient payment system! Note: We do NOT accept check as a form of payment. 

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