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The future of home care employment has arrived…

Heroes Caregiving is excited to announce some major changes in its home care employment. The National Caregiver Association is offering $75 ONLINE PCA certification course for all Caregivers who sign up for the DARA app!

Heroes Caregiving has partnered with DARA, a technology mobile application company, that will directly connect clients to Caregivers in their area. As wonderful as this technology will be for clients and their families, DARA’s mission is to empower the Caregiver; encouraging more people to enter the field of work.

According to the Nevada Home Care Employment Standards Board (HCESB), home care employment has an average turnover rate of 74%. The average hourly rate for a Caregiver was $11-$13. With the rise of inflation, it is nearly impossible for anyone to live on an hourly rate this minimal.


To fix this, DARA has created a platform for the Caregiver; affording them the opportunity to be their own boss and “operate” their own home care business. First, Caregivers who sign up for the DARA app will start at $18 per hour. Then, once the Caregiver decides they want to create their own team of Caregivers, they will move to the “Associate Caregiver” level. Not only will their hourly rate increase, but they will receive other incentives, which will skyrocket their income. Ultimately, the Caregiver will be able to achieve the level of Executive Team Lead. At this level, Caregivers will be able to make nearly $60,000 per year. 

Join Heroes Caregiving and DARA today. Visit or fill out the information below!

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About the author 

Christopher Pascoe

Christopher Pascoe is a Co-Founder of Dara Health, LLC. He previously served as the Administrator Designee and Managing Partner for Heroes Caregiving, a contracted provider with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Christopher is a proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard.

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